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Comm v. M.P. - Pittsburgh Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor - Charges Withdrawn


Defendant was 21 years old and legally permitted to buy and consume alcohol. The Defendant asked for a ride to the store from two of his friends to purchase alcohol. The two friends were both under the age of 21. The Defendant caught a ride to the store, purchased three cases of beer and returned to the car. The driver drove off and was later stopped by police due to a traffic violation.

The Officer asked for identification from everyone in car and discovered that the Defendant was the only person over the age of 21. When questioning the driver and other passenger of the car, the officer concluded that the Defendant intended to purchase the alcohol to share with the underage participants of the car, which was a criminal act of Furnishing alcohol to a minor, punishable as a misdemeanor in the 3rd degree.

The Defendant contacted our Firm and Attorney Walker agreed to accept the case. Attorney Walker contacted the officer and discussed the context of the traffic stop. Further negotiating birthed the idea of a possible diversionary program where the Defendant would complete certain steps prior to the Preliminary Hearing in exchange for a dismissal of the charge, no jail time, no record or fines.

The Defendant completed the proactive steps and all charges were withdrawn. The Defendant is immediately eligible for an expungement.

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