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Comm. v. T.B. - Pittsburgh Public Intoxication and Public Urination Charges Dismissed


Defendant was not from Pittsburgh and simply here as a College student to obtain his law degree. Defendant could ill afford to have any citations on his record to have any chance at sitting for the bar exam following law school.

Defendant was visiting the south side in Pittsburgh and had a bit too much to drink. While walking back to his home on the South Side, the Defendant allegedly stopped to urinate in the alley between two bars on Carsen Street. Officers stopped the Defendant and gave him three citations: One for Public Intoxication, One for Public Urination and One for Public Urination Failure to Clean.

The Defendant pleaded with the officers to only give him a warning but to no avail. The Citations were mailed to his home and he had ten days to respond.

The Defendant searched the internet for an attorney and found our law firm listing with client testimonies and case results. The Defendant contacted our firm and Attorney Walker accepted the case and directed the Defendant to begin working the proactive program designed by Attorney Walker to decrease criminal penalties for summary offenses.

Attorney Walker negotiated with the officer and the court at the summary hearing to have the Defendant complete his proactive work and upon completion, Attorney Walker successfully motioned the court for a dismissal of all citations.

The Defendant completed law school, applied for an expungement of the citations and is now cleared to sit for the bar examination.

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