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Comm. v. A.R. - Pittsburgh False ID Citation - Case Dismissed and Record Expunged


Defendant was visiting Pittsburgh with his Father and friends for a local golf tournament. After the clinic, the Defendant and his friends visited the local Rivers Casino. When the Defendant and friends attempted to enter the casino, the young men attempted to use fake identification to show they were over the age of 21 and able to consume alcohol. The front door security noticed the fake id, confiscated it and denied the young men access to the casino. A non-traffic citation for false identification was mailed to the Defendant's home in West Virginia.

Defendant's mother contacted our law firm and was deeply concerned about the impact the citation could have on her son's future. The greatest concern was the criminal record and how future employers might view his character.

Attorney Walker accepted the case and directed the Defendant to complete certain proactive and diversionary steps to minimize the penalty. The Defendant agreed and completed the tasks. Attorney Walker then negotiated hard for a dismissal of the citation so that the Defendant could maintain his clean criminal record. The arresting officer and Judge agreed and dismissed the citation. The Defendant immediately filed for an expungement and the charged was expunged.

The family was extremely happy with the result and even left a positive google review on our page:

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