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Comm. v. M.P. - Pittsburgh Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Identity Theft, Access Device Fraud Charges - Withdrawn


Defendant was a college student in Pittsburgh and was involved in a relationship with a young lady. The relationship matured to the point where the Defendant was permitted to use this girlfriend's bank card for store purchases. In fact, the Defendant was even given the girlfriends pin code for cash withdrawals.

The relationship continued for some time until the two had an argument, the relationship soured and the two separated. The girlfriend became so irate over the breakup that she decided to call the police and falsely accuse the Defendant of stealing her bank card and unlawfully withdrawing money from her account at the ATM.

After making the false police report, the Defendant was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property, access device fraud, theft and Identify theft. Once the Defendant was arrested, the girlfriend had a change of heart and wanted to correct her statement but was fearful of being charged with false reports to police officers.

The Defendant contact our law firm and Attorney Walker agreed to accept the case. Attorney Walker began his investigation by reviewing the withdrawal trends from the bank card and text messages from the girlfriend to the Defendant after the charges were filed.

Armed with the information and proof that the girlfriend was falsely accusing the Defendant, Attorney Walker was able to negotiate a full dismissal of all charges at the preliminary hearing with community service hours, no fines and no costs.

Once the charges were withdrawn, the Defendant filed an expungement of the charges.

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