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Comm. v. Juvenile Client - Upper St. Clair Hazing/Summary Harassment Charges - Not Guilty


Defendant was a juvenile and an underclassmen at Upper St. Clair High School in Upper St. Clair Neighborhood of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The Defendant was accused of hazing freshman on the school hockey team.

The Defendant was suspended from school following the incident pending the outcome of the criminal case. The Defendant was facing maximum fines, court costs and a criminal record. If convicted of the summary offense of harassment, the Defendant would be required to remain conviction and arrest free for five years before he would even be eligible for an expungement.

The Defendant contacted our firm and Attorney Walker agree to accept the case. Attorney Walker reached out to the prosecutor and officer prior to the preliminary hearing in an attempt to resolve the case but both refused to negotiate. Attorney Walker took the case to a summary trial, cross examined the witnesses and obtained a Not Guilty Verdict for the client.

The client and parents were ecstatic. The client expunged the criminal charge, was able to continue through school and looks forward to graduating without a criminal record.

Several local stations reported on the case from beginning to end:!4iYKF

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