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    "I would like to thank Mr. Walker and his firm for all the hard work they have done to settle this delicate matter"
    I would like to thank Mr. Walker and his firm for all the hard work they have done to settle this delicate matter for me and continue to strive to get the rest of the case expunged in a timely manner. I appreciate the time and consideration throughout this difficult process. Frank made me feel very comfortable throughout the last few months and I will thank him years to come. Thank you again!
    - K. H.
    "Frank Walker epitomizes what one would hope for in his or her defense attorney"
    Dear Judge M., I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for your appointment of Frank Walker to be my attorney in a case that finally came before you on July 5th after almost three years. As you might recall, there had been three other attorneys on my case, all of whom withdrew because of conflicts of interest. The purpose of my letter is not to comment on the work of the first three attorneys but rather on the work of Mr. Frank Walker. Unlike some of my previous experiences with those ...
    - K.S.
    "THANK YOU for all the advice you game me and most of all for being so honest with me"
    Dear Mr. Walker, I spoke with you last week on the phone concerning my son. To refresh your memory he had [another] attorney. He lied to him to and told him that he made a verbal agreement with the DA to get him an early release from jail among other things. I hope you remember speaking with me. I just wanted to personally THANK YOU for all the advice you game me and most of all for being so honest with me. We have certainly paid the price for choosing the wrong attorney in the first place. ...
    - DA
    "God bless you"
    This is just a small token of appreciation for your help with my legal situation. God bless you
    - Orlando
    "If you ever need a skilled attorney - call Frank Walker!"
    Frank Walker is a skilled attorney, who can relate to the real legal needs of his clients. Whenever I sought his legal help, attorney Walker was quick to respond with a listening ear. Whenever I had trouble finding a good defense attorney in Pittsburgh - Frank Walker was there for me. I recommend his law firm to anyone who is in need of a personable and reputable attorney. I speak so highly of attorney Walker - that my sister thought he was paying me for the compliments! If you ever need a ...
    - Orlando
    "Frank is one of the best defense attorney's in Pittsburgh"
    Frank is one of the best defense attorney's in Pittsburgh. Frank has helped my family on several criminal cases and I cannot say enough good things about Frank. He cares not only about his clients but their families as well. Frank has the best rates in the city, and( this is so unusual for an attorney ) he calls you back no matter what time of the day or night it is. Frank has become a friend and I can truly say he is a good person and I'm glad I have gotten to know him. If you ever need counsel ...
    - Beth
    "He helped me in a very difficult situation, I'm sure he'll do the same for you"
    Frank Walker Law is a great defense attorney. No matter what you have been charged with, Frank Walker will work for you to insure you get the best outcome possible. He helped me in a very difficult situation, I'm sure he'll do the same for you.
    - Erica
    "Frank Walker Law is the best attorney in Pennsylvania"
    Frank Walker Law is the best attorney in Pennsylvania, he helped me in the MOST difficult situation in my life. He's Honest, Reputable, very proffesional attorney. I'll never forget his exellent and incalculable help. THANKS FRANK WALKER
    - Anonymous
    "I would highly recommend him to anyone"
    Attorney Walker is definitely a skilled attorney that not only thinks of his client but of his clients family as well and makes sure that everyone involved in the case is aware with what is going on and understands everything as well. Not someone that is out to make just a quick dollar or to pick up a case, he is in it to get the job done and get the best outcome that he possibly can for his client. I would highly recommend him to anyone if you are looking for a dependable lawyer that is for ...
    - Anonymous
    "Frank is a good lawyer"
    Okay so back in Jan. of 2014 I had got indicted for 5 felony charges in the federal court. My charges were for conspiracy to possess a schedule 1, possession of a schedule 1, drug trafficking across state lines, conspiracy to drug traffic, and importation into the United States for 19 kilos of methylone (a synthetic MDMA). With the help of Frank that got dropped to only conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, and instead of the 19 kilo I only got hit with 3 kilos. Through out the entire ...
    - C. Pomaville
    "Frank Walker is Life"
    Frank Walker is the best attorney. He is professional and helped me get through a tough time when I was going through some legal troubles. He eased my mind..and he was ALWAYS available. He even emailed me back right away on a Sunday night. Thank you Frank for helping me ease my concerns. He helped me get house arrest , in which I was removed off of it within 8 months. I avoided jail time, and I am so thankful for his service and help with my case. THANK YOU FRANK!!!!!!!!
    - Jay L