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Case Results

  • RESULT: Not Guilty on All Charges Multiple Charges


    • Rape by Forcible Compulsion (2 counts);
    • IDSI Forcible Compulsion (5 Counts);
    • Robbery - Inflict Serious Bodily Injury;
    • Simple Assault (3 Counts);
    • False Imprisonment;
    • Terroristic Threats;
    • Indecent Assault; and
    • Unlawful Restraint.

    RESULT: Not Guilty on all charges.

  • Commonwealth v. J.P.


    • Burglary;
    • Robbery - Inflict Serious Bodily Injury;
    • Terroristic Threats (2 Counts);
    • Theft by Unlawful Taking;
    • Simple Assault (3 Counts);
    • Recklessly Endangering Another Person (4 Counts); and
    • Criminal Mischief.

    RESULT: Not Guilty on all counts.

  • Commonwealth v. A.C.

    CHARGES: 16-year-old charged as an adult for 2 counts of Robbery Involving a Firearm. Minimum mandatory sentence: 5 years for each count in Adult Court.

    RESULT: Successfully petitioned to transfer case out of Adult Court and into Juvenile Court for no prison time.

  • Commonwealth v. J.M.

    CHARGES: RICO (2 counts), Possession with intent to deliver (2 counts). Maximum Penalty: 33-77 years in prison, $55,000.00 in fines.

    RESULT: 2 years probation, 6 months house arrest.

  • Commonwealth v. D.P.

    CHARGES: Simple Assault.

    RESULT: Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing

  • RESULT: Reduced Sentence Commonwealth v. K.C.

    CHARGE: Homicide. Maximum Penalty: Life without Parole.


    • Not Guilty of First Degree Murder;
    • Not Guilty of Second Degree Murder;
    • Guilty of lesser charge of Third Degree Murder.

    SENTENCE: 8 ½ years - 20 years.

  • Commonwealth v. L.H.

    CHARGES: Aggravated Assault, Criminal Mischief (2 Counts), Criminal Conspiracy. Maximum Penalty: 40 years imprisonment, $50,000.00 fine.

    RESULT: Not guilty on all charges.

  • Commonwealth v. A.R.


    • Rape of a Child;
    • Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse;
    • Statutory Sexual Assault; and
    • Corruption of Minors.

    RESULT: Not guilty on all charges.

  • Commonwealth v. D.S.


    • Criminal Attempt Homicide;
    • Aggravated Assault (2 Counts);
    • Terroristic Threats;
    • Recklessly Endangering another Person; and
    • Former Convict Not to Possess a Firearm.

    RESULT: Not guilty on all charges.

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