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Caught in the Crossroads: The Perils of a Criminal Conviction on Immigration Status


The impact of Criminal Convictions on Immigration Status

It can be difficult and dangerous to understand how criminal law and immigration law interact. A criminal conviction can have significant effects on immigration status for non-citizens living in the United States, including deportation, inadmissibility, and other life-changing events. The risks and probable repercussions of a criminal conviction on immigration status will be discussed in this blog article.

Removal and Deportation Proceedings

The possibility of deportation is possibly the most serious and immediate effect of a criminal conviction for non-U.S. citizens. Removal proceedings, which result in detention and expulsion from the US, may be sparked by specific offences such as violent offenses, sex offenses, drug felonies or multiple DUI charges.


An alien who has committed a crime may be denied entry into the country. This implies that even if they are entering the country for legal reasons like job, school, or family visits, they may be refused entrance or reentry.

Revocation of the Visa and Green Card

On the basis of criminal convictions, individuals possessing visas or green cards may have their immigration status revoked or denied. This may obstruct efforts to reunite families and immigrate for employment.

Loss of Legal Status

Due to certain criminal convictions, some non-U.S. nationals with legal status, such as refugees or asylum seekers, may lose their protection from deportation.

Obstacles to Citizenship

A criminal record may make it more difficult to become a citizen of the United States. It can make you wait longer to apply for citizenship or possibly cause your application to be rejected.

Impact on Humanitarian Aid and Asylum

Criminal convictions may be seen poorly in immigration court and may have an adverse effect on requests for asylum, the deferral of removal, or other types of humanitarian relief.

Consequences for Family Members Who Are Not Citizens

Family members who are not citizens may experience the repercussions of a criminal conviction. Family members may occasionally encounter immigration issues or lose their eligibility for certain benefits.

Restrictions on Legal Remedies

When facing deportation as a result of a criminal conviction, non-citizens may in some cases have few legal options. Removing a removal order may be challenging due to the complexities of immigration law.

Priorities for Immigration Enforcement

Who is targeted for deportation may change as priorities for immigration enforcement change over time. Criminal convictions may, in some situations, make a person more likely to be removed as a priority.

Seek legal advice

It is crucial to seek legal advice from an immigration expert who can show you how to negotiate the complexities of both criminal and immigration law if you are a non-citizen of the United States who is under investigation for a crime or has already been found guilty of one.


A criminal conviction could have significant, far-reaching effects on immigration status. To safeguard their rights and future in the United States, non-citizens must be aware of the potential repercussions of their choices and seek legal counsel. To reduce risks and strive toward a secure and stable immigration status, it is essential to navigate the complicated world of immigration law with the help of an expert immigration lawyer.

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