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56 cited for #UnderageDrinking at #JasonAldean #BurnitDown Tour in #Pittsburgh


Thousands of Country Music Fans flocked to PNC Park from the tri state area to attend the Jason Aldean Burn it Down Tour on July 26, 2014. Early reports confirm that the trash left behind by tailgating concert goers was dramatically decreased when compared to the trash left behind following the Luke Bryan Concert. Unfortunately, not all concert goers obeyed the law at the Burn it Down Tour.

Although few citations or arrests for reported for disorderly conduct, simple assault, fake id or public intoxication, Pittsburgh Police reported issued a whopping 56 citations for Underage Drinking to underage drinkers. The ages of most recipients of the Underage Drinking Citation ranged between 16-19 years old.

The recipients of the citations have a few options:

  • Choose to mail in a fine, plead guilty and have the conviction on your criminal record;

  • Represent themselves and hope for leniency from the Court to avoid a convictions and possible jail time;

  • Ignore the citation and have a bench warrant issued for your arrest;

  • Have a Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney represent your interest, negotiate with the government and fight for a dismissal of the citation while protecting your criminal record;

Underage Drinking Citations are non-traffic citations and must be taken seriously. With many of the concert fans coming from neighboring states, some potential recipients of underage drinking will have the citation mailed to their home address in the upcoming weeks and be summoned to Pittsburgh for upcoming court dates.

If you or a loved one were cited for Underage Drinking, Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct or any other crime while attending the Jason Aldean Concert, contact our firm immediately for aggressive and experienced defense.

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