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Clarion Student Matthew Paxton Cleared of All Criminal Charges


Pittsburgh Attorney Frank Walker of Frank Walker Law is pleased to announce a recent client victory obtained for a college student at Clarion University.

Matthew Paxton, 20, was charged with felony charges of Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Criminal Conspiracy, Misdemeanor charges of Terroristic Threats and a Summary Offense of Criminal Mischief. The charges stemmed from an incident alleged to have occurred during the early hours of May 4, 2014 at a house in Clarion Borough.

Mr. Paxton was not made aware of the charges until he was informed by his friends. Immediately upon learning of the bench warrant for his arrest, Mr. Paxton voluntarily surrendered to police and was released on bond.

After his release, Mr. Paxton contacted Attorney Walker, explained the circumstances and maintained his absolute innocence. Mr. Paxton faced maximum penalties, which included possible prison sentence and thousands of dollars in fines. Further, a felony conviction would seriously hamper Mr. Paxton's future employment opportunities and could possible interrupt any current academic or athletic scholarships.

Attorney Walker agreed to accept the case and immediately began to research the background of the case. During his research, Attorney Walker determined that the only evidence pointing to the possible involvement of Mr. Paxton, was the self-serving and presumably false testimony from the co-defendant.

After speaking with the Assistant District Attorney about strengths and weaknesses of the case prior to the Preliminary Hearing, the Assistant District Attorney agreed to withdraw all charges pending against Mr. Paxton and dispose of the case.

After learning of the outcome, Mr. Paxton was thankful to his attorney and fully relieved that he will not face serious felony charges that could possible interrupt his college career.

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