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WV Man Who Killed Sherriff's Deputy while DUI has Appeal Denied


Judge William Nalitz, Greene County President Judge, denied the appeal of a man who was convicted of killing a West Virginia sheriff's deputy in 2012, an incident which occurred as he led police on an interstate car chase.

The appeals motions, filed by the Morgantown, West Virginia resident, were filed in the wake of his having been found guilty of third degree homicide, homicide by vehicle while drunk, and driving under the influence, among other counts. He was sentenced to 25 to 50 years in prison for the accident, which killed Sgt. Todd May, a Monongalia County sheriff's deputy. Experts estimate that the defendant was driving up to 100 miles per hour when he slammed into May's police cruiser during the chase.

The convicted man based his appeal on his claim that the state did not have sufficient evidence to prove that he had acted with malice when he killed deputy May. However Judge Nalitz disagreed, indicating in his ruling that the man showed an escalating level of disregard for the safety of others, as he initially drove drunk, then fled from police, and finally accelerated to 98 miles per hour before the fatal car accident. In denying the appeals motion Nalitz ruled that the circumstances surrounding the defendant's actions inferred malice.

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