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Woman Sues City of Pittsburgh over Police Sexual Assault


Last March a former Pittsburgh police officer pled guilty to using his police powers in order to coerce several women into performing sexual acts with him. Now one of those women is suing the city of Pittsburgh as a result of the officer's sexual assault on her.

The woman, who has not been publicly identified, told a local Pittsburgh CBS affiliate news station that the former Pittsburgh police officer offered to drop trumped up charges against her boyfriend if she would agree to have sex with him. After she declined, the former officer reportedly forced her to have sex with him while threatening her with his police issued handgun.

Now the city of Pittsburgh is being accused of having hired the former officer, despite a pre-employment psychological exam resulted in his being declared "unsuitable for police work." Furthermore, the city is being accused of not having moved swiftly enough to investigate the sexual assault accusations which several women had logged against him. Though only one woman has thus far stepped forward with charges against the city, the former officer reportedly used his authority to victimize several women.

It is important that the population be able to trust those who have been put in a position of authority. But all too often we find that those who are supposed to protect us actually use their powers to take advantage of us, as was the case with this former police officer. If you or anyone you know has suffered as a result of a government official abusing their power, please contact us immediately.

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