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Paying that Fine will Cost you: The Truth about Non-Traffic Citations


Pittsburgh Non-Traffic Citations - NT Citations - Summary Offenses

If you have received a non-traffic citation forunderage drinking, fake id, public drunkenness, public urination or any othernon-traffic summary offense in Pennsylvania, you are facing fines, court costs and even the possibility of jail time. However, most seem to focus on the possibility of jail time and will do anything to avoid a possible jail sentence.

Once you receive the citation, you have ten days to respond to the Court as to how you wish to proceed. Within those ten days, you must tell the Court that issued the citation whether you wish to plead guilty and pay a nominal fine, or, plead not guilty and proceed with a hearing.

If You Pay the Fine, You will be Adjudicated Guilty

If you enter a plea of guilty and pay the nominal fine by mail within the ten days, you will avoid a hearing and, most likely, avoid any jail sentence. However, the charge to which you entered a guilty plea will remain on your record until you seek to have the charge expunged.

So, five years from now when you are applying for a job, a loan or attempting to enter graduate school, the conviction for the non-traffic citation could show up on your record. When given the opportunity, most executives or human resource directors will choose a person with clean record versus a candidate with a guilty plea to a summary offense. Thus, the nominal fine you pay just to get it over with, may end up costing you much more in employment, educational and financial opportunities later in life.

An Experienced Attorney can help you maintain a Clean Record

Alternatively, you can opt to hire an attorney to fight the citations on your behalf. A criminal defense attorney can assess the factual basis for the citations, evaluate the defenses and plan an attack against the charges. In most cases, an attorney can negotiate a dismissal of the citations and preserve your clean record.

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