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Volunteer Fire Chief Responds To House Fire Call Drunk


First responders are the last people anyone would expect to find publicly intoxicated, especially when it comes to performing their jobs. But that is exactly how one volunteer fire chief was found to be when he arrived to the scene of a recent fire drunk. Port Vue fire chief, Cash Cortazzo, was initially charged with public intoxication, but had the charge reduced to disorderly conduct during his court appearance. He was given a $100 fine and was ordered to remain in the alcohol rehab program in which he was already enrolled before the incident.

On September 17th of this year, Cortazzo was called to a house fire that had ignited on Tacoma Avenue, but when he arrived officers on the scene claim he was slurring his speech and stumbling as he walked. The call that Cortazzo made to 911 reporting the fire also provided proof of his intoxication as the Port Vue Chief of Police stated that the Fire Chief's speech was incoherent as he spoke. It was reported that he didn't seem to know the location of the fire, or what fire companies he was supposed to be calling in – all basic information for a fire chief to give during such a call.

Cortazzo was charged with public drunkenness after officers and other first responders asked him to leave. But according to the Chief of Police, the issue was less about Cortazzo's drunkenness in and of itself and more about the public safety. But the Chief also made a point of not minimizing the importance of Cortazzo remaining enrolled in the rehab program.

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