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What the Pittsburgh South Side Saturation Detail Means for You


The Message is simple: If you are hitting the South Side of Pittsburgh for a Night on the Town, please celebrate responsibly.

In 2013, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl instituted a police program for the South Side Area of Pittsburgh due to numerous complaints by local residents. The program, called "South Side Saturation Detail", called for an increase in police presence on the South Side of Pittsburgh on Friday and Saturday evenings from 11:00pm until 4:00am the following morning. The purpose of the program was to change behavior of visitors to the South Side by the increasing police presence in the hope that visitors would think twice before making a poor decisions that would lead to an arrest for DUI, Aggravated Assault, Sex Crimes or citation for Public Intoxication, Public Urination, Underage Drinking or Disorderly Conduct.

To date, South Side residents rave about the program as the Saturation Detail has given them a sense of security knowing that officers are readily available during peak hours of local bars, clubs and restaurants to monitor the many South Side visitors and immediately assist to cease any unlawful conduct.

What does this mean for visitors to the South Side? For the thousands of responsible visitors to Pittsburgh's South Side Bars and Late Night Clubs, nothing will change. However, for the few visitors that seem to "ruin it for everyone" due to excessive drinking and reckless behavior, please be advised that trained officers are out and about, ready to make arrests in order to protect the citizens of the South Side.

Do not make the mistake of thinking a quick stop in the alley to relieve yourself will go unnoticed and unpunished. Further, do not think disrupted behavior fueled by alcohol consumption on the public areas of Carson Street will be tolerated. Officers are committed to the Saturation Detail and maintaining the peace among the many visitors to local bars along the South Side and Station Square.

Do yourself a favor when visiting the South Side: Celebrate responsibly or face the consequences.