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Why do we Need Bail Reform in our Cirminal Justice System?


Why Bail Reform is Critical for our Criminal Justice System Bail reform is needed because the current system often disproportionately impacts low-income individuals and can lead to unfair treatment. Here are a few reasons why bail reform is necessary:

  1. The current bail system can lead to the detention of low-income individuals who are unable to afford bail, even if they have not been convicted of a crime. This can result in the loss of jobs, housing, and other negative impacts on their lives.

  2. The inability to afford bail can also create a financial burden for families and communities, as they may need to provide financial assistance in order to secure the release of a loved one.

  3. Bail can also be used as a tool for prosecutors to coerce plea bargains, as defendants may feel pressure to plead guilty in order to secure their release from detention.

  4. The current bail system can lead to overcrowding in detention facilities, as individuals who are unable to afford bail may be held in detention for extended periods of time.

Overall, bail reform is necessary to address these and other issues with the current system and to create a more fair and just criminal justice system.

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