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Commonwealth v. M.S. - Not Guilty on Shoplifting Charges


Client was charged with retail theft as a misdemeanor while at a national chain store in the city of Pittsburgh. As the store had just opened, the security guards were especially aggressive with the prosecution of the shoplifters and refused to negotiate the charges, even for first time offenders.

Client was extremely remorseful for the action of shoplifting even when recounting the story to Attorney Walker in the initial consultation. Attorney Walker accepted the case and attempted to negotiate a resolution typical for first time offenders that would usually end in a dismissal of the charges. However, Attorney Walker was unsuccessful in his efforts and the client was found guilty of a lesser offense following the Preliminary Hearing.

Nevertheless, Attorney Walker immediately filed a summary appeal and was able to obtain a not-guilty verdict following the appeal. The Client was extremely grateful for Attorney Walker's efforts, later sent a thank you card to the office and promised to refer friends to Attorney Walker who are in need of legal representation.

Attorney Frank Walker of Frank Walker Law is a National Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer and Personal Injury Attorney with offices in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Morgantown West Virginia. Attorney Walker is also a member of the National College for DUI Defense and qualified as a Pennsylvania Death Penalty Defense Attorney.

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