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Comm. v. K.L. - Pittsburgh Disorderly Conduct, Public Drunkenness, Harassment and Trespass - Case Dismissed


Defendant was visiting Pittsburgh with her husband for a football game. During the game, the Defendant had a little too much to drink and was unable to locate her hotel room following the football game.

While searching for her room and husband, the Defendant was approached by local police and asked for identification. An argument ensued and the Defendant was escorted back to the hotel where she was staying. Apparently, the Defendant was present at the hotel earlier in the evening and was repeatedly asked to leave due to her apparent drunken state.

The Defendant and her husband were arrested for defiant trespass, disorderly conduct, harassment andpublic drunkenness. The Defendant returned home and contacted our lawfirm after reading our client reviews.

Attorney Walker contacted the officer and prosecutor to negotiate a resolution to the charges that included a dismissal of all charged without any fines, court costs or jail time. The Defendants were only required to return to Pittsburgh from their home state of New York one time for a resolution of the charges at the Preliminary Hearing.

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