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PAePay Bail Now Accepts Credit Cards for Bail Payments


Man in Jail

When a family member or close friend is arrested for a serious crime in Allegheny County, there is a chance that your friend or family member may be placed in jail waiting for someone outside of the jail to post bail. Granted, not all crimes require jail time in Allegheny County.

Indeed, if you are charged with a DUI, Underage Drinking, Public Intoxication, Retail Theft or Disorderly Conduct, you may be charged by summons, where the police department starts the process by simply mailing a copy of the charges to your address requiring you to appear for a preliminary hearing on a certain date.

However, in instances where a person is charged with a serious crime like homicide, aggravated assault, drug charges or DUI involving an accident, a person may be arrested at the scene of the crime, taken to a judge and placed in jail until they are able to post bond. A family member or friend would then post the bond by going to the bank, taking out cash and drive down to the clerk to post bond for the person in jail.

Now, persons seeking to post bond for someone can simply go online to and use the PAePay Bail system to post bond with a Major Credit card. A small processing fee will be added to the card, but the online PAePay Bail system will save time for the payor and speed up the bail process for the person seeking to obtain release from the Allegheny county Jail.

Creators of the PAePay system believe that the system will also assist with decreasing the jail population and create an easier process for individuals to post bond.

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