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Don't Press Your Luck! Casino Crimes in Pennsylvania


Pittsburgh is a prime destination for gamblers since we boast one of the best casino destinations in Pennsylvania at Rivers Casino. The casino environment is designed to seem like another world altogether. Bright lights, sounds and noise, people dressed to the nines, and alcohol and food abound, are all designed to make people forget about the conventions of society and the limits on their budget. However, while inside the casino, the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania still apply.

One of the most seemingly innocent and common crimes that happens in a casino is a violation of Pennsylvania Code Title 18 § 3924 Theft of Property Lost, Mislaid, or Delivered by Mistake. Lets say you’re at the casino walking around and you find a slip on the floor for some small amount of money. There’s no one around and since no one is around to claim it, you think today is your lucky day and cash it in. Well unfortunately, that is considered a theft under Pennsylvania Law and you might find yourself charged with a misdemeanor!

Unforunately some individuals allow compulsion to gamble to get the best of them. They may start out gambling small well within a budgeted limit, but then find themselves taking out marker after marker on credit that they can’t handle from the casino. If the person leaves and ignores those markers and makes no attempt to pay, they may find themselves with a warrant for their arrest for theft.

The rollercoaster of winning and losing at the tables produces adrenaline and dopamine rushes and crashes that have emotions running high. Add in alcohol and other emotionally amped individuals, and the potential for fights, disorderly conduct, and lewd behavior abound. Due to the large amounts of money and people present at the casino, the local and state police are often onsite or at the very least mere minutes away. This extra scrunity may result in you finding yourself in cuffs for something that might go unnoticed in any other location.

If you or a loved one recently set out for the casino seeking good luck and fortune and found yourself instead facing criminal charges, you need an attorney who can turn things around. Attorney Frank Walker can help mitigate potential consequences of a night at the casino and can help you reach a suitable resolution of your case. This may include a dismissal of the charges upon payment, entrance into diversionary programs, or helping you seek shorter incarceration or probationary sentences. Don’t gamble with your freedom! Call Frank Walker today! Lines are open 24/7 at (412) 212-3878.