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Sex Offenses and Sorna Registry


Sexual Offenses are a category of some of the most serious crimes in the Commonwealth. The mere accusation of a sex offense can carry life altering consequences. You can lose your job, be ostracized by friends and family, and have a permanent black mark on any background check regardless of conviction.

The outcome of a case involving charges of sexual misconduct can turn on the credibility of a single witness. Statements given to the police by the accused can often be twisted and recast in a way the accused never intended. Sex offense cases are seriously emotionally charged which can blind some people to the truth of the case. That can include parents, teachers, police, juries, and even the prosecuting attorney. An innocent misstatement to a trusted teacher by a child can turn into a serious problem due to mandatory reporting laws in place to protect potential victims.

Convictions of certain sex offenses can land you on Pennsylvania's SORNA Registry, formerly known under the more popular name of "Megan's Law." Offenses that have the potential to land you on the registry include: Rape, Statutory Sexual Assault (in some instances), Sexual Assault, Indecent Sexual Assault, Kidnapping, False Imprisonment (in some instances), Incest, Prostitution, Corruption of Minors, and several more.

Depending on the severity and type of the offense, an offender can be subject to the reporting requirements of the SORNA Registry for 15 years, 25 years, or for life. During that period of time, an individual convicted of a sex offense must register their home address, vehicle, place of employment, place of schooling, and other details. They must also report on a regular basis to a State Police Barracks depending upon which level they have been placed on. Failure to do so has serious repercussions. This includes the potential for a state prison sentence even on a first offense!

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