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Comm. v. V.S. - Not Guilty on Pittsburgh Underage Drinking Charges


Defendant was charged with underage drinking after being present at a high school house party. The cops were alerted to the house after a noise complaint. Upon arrival, the cops questioned all the participants in the house including the Defendant and friends. Upon questioning the Defendant, the officer smelled alcohol on her breath and asked for her id. Upon reviewing the identification, the officer noticed that the Defendant was under the legal age to consume alcohol and thereafter cited the Defendant for underage drinking

The Defendant wasfacing maximum penalties, fines and the possibility of losing her license to drive upon conviction of the citation. The Defendant hired our firm and Attorney Frank Walker directed the Defendant to complete certain proactive steps to mitigate the penalties. At the preliminary hearing, the Defendant was adjudicated guilty and we appealed by filing a summary appeal.

On appeal, we negotiated a dismissal of the underage drinking citation and filed an expungement of the charge. The Defendant maintained her clean record and avoided a license suspension.

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