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Victims Of Deadly 2009 Pittsburgh DUI Car Crash awarded $28M


A 2009 car crash that occurred in Lincoln Place in Pittsburgh and cost two people their lives has resulted in a $28 million compensatory award for certain of the affected parties. On September 26th of that year Jessica Trail and William Grice of Elizabeth were driving with two others when Timothy Lesko, a 26-year-old Munhall resident, struck their vehicle with his car. Lesko had been returning home from the Pittsburgh Elks Lodge No. 11 after drinking heavily at a function at the Lodge that day. Both Trail and Grice died as a result of the crash, with Trail being pronounced dead at the scene and Grice passing away seven months later from an overdose of pain medication.

It was determined that Lesko had a blood-alcohol level of 0.226 that night. The Lodge was found culpable due to the fact that Lesko has gotten drunk at their function but no one at the Lodge had taken action against him driving afterwards.

As a result of its inaction, the Lodge has been ordered to pay $10 million in punitive damages of the total $28 million award. Lesko did not receive a punitive judgment but was sentenced to two to four years in State Correctional Institution Pittsburgh for his involvement in the accident. There is the possibility that Lesko's insurance company will want to appeal the jury's decision, but as it stands now, Jessica Trail's estate will receive a total of $7.7 million and Grice's will receive $8.8 million. The two surviving parties – Amanda Delval and Michael Trail – will receive $400,000 and $1,050,000, respectively.

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