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Have you been Arrested for Furnishing Alcohol to Minors?

In Pennsylvania, Furnishing Alcohol to Minors is a serious offense due to the influx of high schools and colleges in the downtown Pittsburgh Area. However, the policy concerns behind the crime is worth noting. Essentially, officials seek to crack down on adults furnishing alcohol to minors in an effort to prevent the end result of underage drinking, DUI or underage DUI offenses. Thus, arresting officers are highly trained in investigating and busting underage house parties suspected of having minors consuming alcohol and not only arresting the juveniles for underage drinking, but also holding the adultscriminal responsible for furnishing the alcohol to the minors for the parties.

The Offense and Penalties for Furnishing Alcohol to Minors

Section 6310.1 sets forth the requirements for being convicted of furnishing alcohol to minors. In a nutshell, a person commits the misdemeanor crime of furnishing if he or sheintentionally or knowingly sells, furnishes or purchases alcohol or any other malt/brewed beverages for minors.

A minor, for purposes of this crime, is a person under the age of 21 years of age. Furnishing, for purposes of the statute, means to give, provide supple or allow minors to possess and or consume on your premises or property you control.

The Crime requires an intentional element, which means, the government is required to prove that knew that you were committing the crime. It is not enough that the government proves that you provided alcohol to minors by your negligence.

If convicted of furnishing alcohol to minors, the penalty for the first offense is a mandatory $1000 fine and $2500 for each subsequent violation. As this penalty is mandatory, the presiding judge has no discretion but to impose the penalty if you are convicted. These fines are in addition to any jail sentence the judge may impose.

The Best Defense against Furnishing Charges is Prevention

Be aware of your surroundings and possible questionable situations. If you plan to be away for the evening or weekend, explain to your underage children or houseguests in no uncertain terms that they are not to consume any alcohol or provide an environment where other underage persons may consume alcohol. Period. No exceptions.

Also, never purchase alcohol for another person or provide transportation for someone to purchase alcohol unless they are over the age of 21.

Fight Furnishing Charges Aggressively

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