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Sex Crimes Charges and Penalties

Sex crimes cases can be difficult for all involved. For the person charged with the crime, even if you are acquitted, the negative association can stick with you unless you follow the process of expungement to have it erased from your record. For the prosecution, sex crimes are often cases of "he said/she said" where one says he did and one says he didn't. It can be difficult to prove guilt when there is no physical evidence. The same can be said for the defense. Even when the accused is not guilty, if the accuser is more convincing, you could be convicted. If you or someone close to you has been charged with a sex crime, do not hesitate to get a seasoned Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney to represent you. Our firm has been representing people for years in all types of criminal defense cases. We have a proven record of producing results for our clients.

The penalties for sex crime convictions can vary greatly depending on the individual circumstances of the case. The penalties for rape will be harsher than those for indecent exposure. One thing is certain: you will be required to register as a sex offender in cases of a violent sex offense or attempted violence.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer in Pittsburgh

For specific penalties someone from our firm can evaluate the charges against you and advise you on the wisest strategy for your case. A preliminary hearing will provide the information needed to determine the strength of the case against you. You will want to have an attorney who has successfully tried sex crimes cases in the past. We can show you the results we have obtained for former clients. Choosing your attorney is a very important choice.

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