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Charged with the Crime of Resisting Arrest?

Pittsburgh is the ideal destination city for many visitors. Whether visiting for a short time to attend a football game or engage in the vibrant night life, thousands of visitors flock to Pittsburgh the enjoy the city life.

Unfortunately, in some occasions, visitors and residents alike find themselves in situations where police officers are forced to respond to the scene of an incident. Officers can be called to respond to the scene of aDUI, a household after a call alleging an assault or a local establishment to investigate complaints of fake ID, underage drinking or disorderly conduct. Regardless of the reason why officers are summoned to the scene of an incident, upon arrival, officers are presumed to have authority to make an arrest when appropriate.

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If officers believe they have the requisite justification to place you under arrest, it is highly unlikely that you will talk your way out of custody by convincing the officer that they made a mistake. The best course of action is to remain calm and remain silent. If you argue with the officer, attempt to jerk away, attempt to run or make any movement that will require the officer to employ additional force to complete the arrest, the officer may charge you with resisting arrest.

Essentially, a person may be charged with resisting arrest when they create a substantial risk of bodily injury to the officer with the intent of preventing an arrest or official custody.

You Need an Attorney to Fight a Charge of Resisting Arrest

A charge of resisting arrest is a serious charge with maximum penalties that include the possibility of jail time and hefty fines. Prosecutors will be less likely to negotiate on a charge of resisting arrest since the victim of the charge is also the officer who attempted to effectuate the arrest. You need an experienced attorney to gather the facts of the incident, identify all witnesses and zealously defend you against this serious offense.

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Attorney Frank Walker has handled numerous cases involving the allegation of resisting arrest. Attorney Walker knows the importance of gathering witnesses and moving quickly to obtain any possible surveillance footage of the incidence before the footage is deleted.

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