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What to Do if Charged with Prostitution or Promoting Prostitution

Pittsburgh is a popular destination for thousands of visitors per month. Whether people travel to Pittsburgh for a college football game, a concert a professional football/baseball/hockey game or simply to enjoy the night life, the city of Pittsburgh attracts thousands of visitors eager to relax and have a good time.

Unfortunately, the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding townships have seen an increase in Prostitution and Sex Crimes correlating with the large scale events in the Pittsburgh area. Essentially, police and detectives see an increase in prostitution activity throughout the Pittsburgh area when large crowds of people turnout for events. To combat this area of crime, officers deploy specially trained detectives to identify prostitution rings and act swiftly to arrest the perpetrators.

What to Expect when Arrested for Prostitution

If you or someone you love have been arrested for prostitution or promoting prostitution you must fight the temptation to want to explain yourself. Officers typically make arrests in this area of law based on speculation and what they thought you were about to do. Once you start attempting to explain your actions you are only offering evidence against yourself that will be used in the prosecution against you.

Arresting officers will likely start to question you aggressively to verify their suspicions. Officers will ask to search your person, car and cell-phone. If officer suspect that you were using your cell-phone in the commission of prostitution, you may be charged with using a communication device to further the crime of prostitution.

What to Do when Charged with Prostitution / Promoting Prostitution

When arrested, remain silent. Do not attempt to explain yourself or the situation. You will not talk your way out of an arrest. In fact, you will do just the opposite. Remain calm, refuse to answer any questions and contact our law firm immediately 24/7 at 412.315.7441 for experienced and aggressive defense.

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