Why should I Hire a Pittsburgh criminal lawyer?

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, you may be facing tremendous financial hardship. It might be tempting to opt for a public defender in the hope that you’ll save money. Unfortunately, this might not be in your best interest. Let's review the possible issues with opting for a Public Defender.

Issues With Public Defenders

Let's start with the facts: Public Defenders are Real Lawyers. They are experienced and well trained attorneys. However, while many lawyers in the Allegheny County Office of the Public Defenders are dedicated civil servants, the public perception is that they are not able to serve the clients to the best of their abilities due to caseload and inexperience. Such is rarely the case, especially in Allegheny County, where the Public Defenders are exceptional, well trained attorneys. However, perception oftentimes becomes reality when it comes to Public Defenders' due to heavy caseload, little trial experience and just word of mouth.

The PD's are sometimes under pressure to clear cases, which means that the prosecutor can have an advantage when it comes to negotiating plea deals and you may end up accepting a suboptimal negotiated plea.

Why Choose Our Attorney?

Private defense lawyers, like attorney Frank Walker, manage their own caseloads. Attorney Walker has the time and resources to properly represent his clients. Whether you are charged with underage drinking, dui, homicide, federal crimes, summary offenses or drug crimes, Attorney Walker has the experience and attention you need. Additionally, Attorney Walker could bring you a negotiated plea only if it’s in your best interest. Ultimately, you have the final say on whether to accept it or go to trial. Don’t risk your freedom and future to a possibly overloaded public defender. Contact Pittsburgh Defense Attorney Frank Walker today.

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