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Know your Rights if Charged with Possession

If you or someone you know has been charged with drug possession, you must know and understand your rights. An experienced Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney is well aware of the type of rights violations that can occur when law enforcement neglect the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution. You can be charged with drug possession when drugs were found on your person, in your vehicle, office or home. The charge can also be leveled against everyone in the vehicle, for example, if the drugs were found in your car.

Law enforcement must have had proper grounds to stop you in your car or vehicle. They must also have had a reason to search you, your vehicle, home or office when they found the drugs. If they failed, in either case, the drugs found may not be used as evidence. These are important points for your defense and an aggressive attorney on your side will always verify whether your rights have been violated during the investigation or arrest process.

Drug Possession: Defending Your Case

There are actually many possible defenses to a drug possession charge. We will want to hear your side of the story first and foremost. A skilled criminal attorney from our firm will carefully review all evidence and procedures. Based on what you tell us and what we find in our own evaluation, we will develop a sound strategy for your defense. Our firm is accomplished where it truly counts: in getting results for our clients. We are happy to show you the results of our previous cases so that you can have the confidence that you have hired the attorney that you can trust to work towards the ideal resolution of your case.

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