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Attorney Frank Walker is one of the most prominent Trial Attorneys in Western Pennsylvania.  As such, Attorney Walker has had the privilege of representing many high profile clients, including cases with high media appeal.

Why Attorney Frank Walker is routinely hired for High Profile Cases

Simple Put: Attorney Walker is experienced.  When clients are faced with difficult decisions that will ultimately impact their lifestyle, livelihood and overall reputation, clients want to know that their Attorney is knowledgeable of Pittsburgh Legal Market, Pittsburgh Court System and most importantly, the Law.

Attorney Walker has built a solid reputation as an extremely qualified and capable Attorney who is not afraid to put 12 citizens of the Commonwealth into the jury box for a jury trial. Clients also laud Attorney Walker's zeal and passion when speaking to the media on their behalf to remind the public of the fundamental concept in our Criminal Justice System: A Defendant is Innocent until Proven Guilty.  As one former client aptly stated, "Attorney Walker is Prepared and Unafraid".

When experienced representation is what Clients want, clients choose Attorney Frank Walker.

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