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If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, you need to know your rights. In fact, as soon as you are brought in for questioning or you find out you are under investigation for a criminal offense, even if you have not yet been charged or arrested, we advise you immediately contact a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney at Frank Walker Law. Our attorneys will provide you with the legal counsel you require, advise you of your rights, and work zealously to determine the best course of action to pursue in order to protect your interests and get you real results.

In an effort to protect your legal rights, law enforcement officials are required to inform any suspect of their Miranda Rights, including the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. You need to be aware of the fact, however, that Miranda Rights will only be read following an arrest. If a law enforcement official begins asking you any questions about a crime, you are under no obligation to answer, as such questioning is voluntary. It will not help your case to answer questions without your attorney present, regardless of your innocence or guilt. Instead, let the officer know that you have been advised never to speak to investigators or law enforcement without first contacting your attorney. Tell the officer "I am going to remain silent" and then ask if you are free to go. Following that, contact our firm right away, because any information you may have provided is fully admissible in court and will be used by the prosecution in the case against you.

Should a law enforcement official ask if they can search your person, your car or your property, the answer is no. Even if you have nothing to hide, you are completely within your rights to refuse such a search. In some instances, you will be searched regardless of whether or not you have given your consent. In cases such as these it is advised to offer no resistance, other than to simply state that you do not consent to a search.

If you have been pulled over for traffic offenses, or a suspected DUI, we advise you do not offer up any information voluntarily. As soon as the officer comes over to your vehicle, greet him or her and ask them why you were pulled over. Following that, the officer should ask for your driver's license, registration and proof of insurance. Once you have provided those documents, you are not required to answer any further questions, so do not feel compelled to engage in friendly conversation. Innocent people have found themselves in jail simply because they spoke to an officer as they did not want to appear guilty. It is your right to remind silent and it is in your interest to do so. For more information, read about other important legal tips you need to know.

Time is of the essence in criminal defense cases, so do not delay seeking legal counsel from an accomplished criminal attorney at our firm. We are here to provide you with the insightful, hard-hitting defense you need.

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Being under investigation or arrested for a criminal offense can be an extremely difficult and frightening experience. For more than 7 years, our firm been providing clients with the aggressive representation they deserve during their time of need. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients in all types of criminal proceedings including those involving drug crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes and even juvenile crimes.

Attorney Frank Walker, himself, is an accomplished and well-respected attorney. Through his efforts, along with our entire firm, we are able to continuously and consistently dedicate our time, efforts and resources on behalf of our clients. As a result, we have built a reputation as one of the most sought-after and result-oriented law firms in the entire Pittsburgh area.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a serious criminal offense, your freedom and your future are at stake. Contact a Pittsburgh criminal lawyer from our firm.

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