What happens at a Formal Arraignment in Pennsylvania?

A formal arraignment is a brief meeting with courthouse clerks where you will receive the criminal information on your case. The criminal information, which is also called the indictment, tells you the exact charges lodged against you by the Commonwealth. Once you receive the criminal information, you will sign verifying that you received the paperwork and that you were informed of your ability to now request discovery and file any relevant pre-trial motions.

Do you need an Attorney at the Formal Arraignment?

Yes. When facing serious charges, you need an attorney every step of the way. From the Preliminary hearing all the way through the pre-trial conference and trial, a knowledgeable attorney is necessary.

Having an attorney at the formal arraignment is important because the attorney gets an opportunity to view the information and immediately file for discovery to get the ball rolling towards building your defense. Additionally, the attorney has the opportunity to discuss with you the charges and any potential defenses you must assert within a certain time period.

Most importantly, the Formal Arraignment is where you will receive any offers for the ARD program, which is reserved for non-violent offenses such as theft or DUI. Additionally, you may receive an offer to enter the Phoenix Program, which is also a pre-trial diversionary program.

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