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Have you or someone you love been offered an EDP at the Preliminary Hearing? If so, you need an experienced attorney to review the offer and advise you of the potential ramifications of accepting the plea. In some cases, theEDP offer can be negotiated to better suit your circumstances.

The EDP offer will only be offered at the Preliminary hearing Stage of the criminal process. Once you accept or reject the plea, you will not be offered an EDP offer later in theCriminal Process so you need to fully understand the offer and how it may impact your employment, education and/or professional licenses.

If you are currently reviewing an EDP offer, you should contact Attorney Frank Walker today at (412) 212-3878 to discuss your offer.

What is an EDP Offer?

The Expedited Disposition Plea is an accelerated program designed to fast track your criminal case and resolve it early in the criminal process, sometimes on the same day of receiving the offer. The EDP offer is made at the Preliminary Hearing and you will be afforded time to review the offer with counsel. Therefore, you must contact counsel immediately upon receiving the offer to that the attorney can review the information, reports and effectively advise you of whether to accept or reject the EDP.

What are the benefits of accepting an EDP?

If you are eligible for an EDP, you have the opportunity to resolve your criminal case at an earlier stage in the criminal process. By doing so, your case and sentence could be completed earlier than it would should you decided to opt for a trial. Since your case will be completed earlier, you can immediately begin to meet the requirement for expunging your record should your case qualify.

Should I have a Criminal Defense Attorney/Lawyer for my EDP?

Yes, you need an attorney to advise you of your rights if BEFORE you accept the EDP at the Preliminary Hearing. Think of it this way: You are presented with an offer to resolve your criminal case and you must make the decision on that day. What if you have a defense or an alibi witness that would testify that you were not involved in the criminal act for which you were charged? There are so many considerations, legal protections and rights you could be giving up should you just accept theEDP without being represented by counsel.

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Pittsburgh Attorney Frank Walker has reviewed hundreds of EDP offers and frequently advises clients on their options. In many instances, Attorney Walker has successfully reduced the sentences and fines for EDP clients. However, you must contact Attorney Walker immediately upon receiving notification of anEDP Offer.

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