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Arrested for Underage Drinking & Driving in Pittsburgh?

With multiple colleges in the Pittsburgh area, there are many opportunities for minors to find themselves in trouble with the legal system. The most common offenses for college students and individuals under the age of 21 are underage drinking, use of a fake ID, and disorderly conduct. Most of these summary offenses can be resolved with relatively little or no impact on the minor's criminal record and no jail time. However, the most significant offense for minors that has the potential for long term impact and jail time is driving under the influence of alcohol as a minor, or underage DUI.

The penalties for underage DUI in Pennsylvania include:

  • Up to 90 days in county jail
  • Between $300 and $500 in fines
  • Possible license suspension

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Legal Limit for Drivers Under the Age of 21

Although the legal age to consume alcohol in Pennsylvania is 21 years old, many students find themselves succumbing to peer pressure at college and parties by engaging in underage drinking. Unfortunately, many of these minors compound the bad decision of underage drinking by attempting to drive while intoxicated. It is important to note that the BAC level to be considered impaired as an adult driver in Pennsylvania is 0.08%, but the impairment level for minors is 0.02%. This means that simply drinking one beer at a party could place you over the legal limit to operate a vehicle.

Pennsylvania's Zero Tolerance Policy for Underage DUI

Section 3802(e) of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code states that a minor may not drive, operate or be in actual physical control of the movement of a vehicle after ingesting a sufficient amount of alcohol to render the minor's BAC at a level of 0.02% or higher within two hours after driving. Pennsylvania's "zero tolerance" policy means that any measureable amount of alcohol in the minor's system can be grounds for an underage DUI charge and possible conviction.

The rationale for the zero tolerance policy is that minors are within their first few years of driving and just learning the rules of the road, as well as the importance of defensive driving, obeying all warning signs, and demonstrating sound judgment. Any substance that may impair the minor's ability to exercise safe driving skills on Pennsylvania roadways may have devastating consequences. In fact, underage drivers account for 12% of DUI-related fatalities in the state.

Let Us Help You Fight Your Underage DUI Charge

Don't take the "it's just a DUI, it can't hurt me too much" approach to a charge of underage DUI. A conviction for underage DUI in Pennsylvania could mean the loss of your license, jail time, increased insurance premiums, and a permanent mark on your criminal record. Furthermore, a conviction could bring hefty fines, costs and mandatory safe driving classes. Finally, a conviction could interfere with college plans, loan applications, and eligibility for college financial aid.

Do not leave anything to chance. Fighting a charge of underage DUI is a must. Contact a Pittsburgh DUI attorney at Frank Walker Law to schedule a consultation and review of the underage DUI charge before it is too late.

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