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As of December 23, 2018, Pennsylvania will be the latest state to treat DUI conviction as a felony for a third conviction. No longer will multiple DUI's be treated as a misdemeanor only subject to house arrest, DUI hotel or probation.

Under the new DUI Law, felony charges can be filed if you are arrested for your Third DUI offense and your blood alcohol content is .16 or higher or if the arrest is your fourth or higher.

- The minimum fine for two DUI convictions is now $1,000 with a minimum sentence of at least 90 days

- A third conviction or more will cost an offender $2,500 and six months in jail.

The new law also increases the minimum sentence for past DUI offenders who commit intoxicated vehicular homicide. The penalty with one prior DUI is now five years, while the minimum for an offender with two DUI convictions increases to seven years. First Time DUI's are still eligible for the ARD program and Underage DUI's are treated the same.

Increased DUI Penalties Require Aggressive Defense

Just because the penalties increased doesn't mean your rights disappear. You need aggressive Criminal Defense for DUI charges. A DUI charge can be dismissed, withdraw, reduced or subject to a Not Guilty Verdict based on the evidence or lack of evidence in your case. With a Felony Conviction and possible prison time as a possible consequence, you need an experienced Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney to review the following evidence:

- Criminal Complaint

- Discovery

- Dash Cam Footage

- Body Cam Footage of Field Sobriety Tests

- Certified Driving Record from PennDOT

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