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Claiming to be an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer or Personal Injury Lawyer in Pittsburgh or any other location is useless if you are unable to provide details to substantiate your experience. Look, this is a new era in legal marketing. People can claim just about anything. For example: Attorney Walker could tell you that he has won every single case he ever took to trial. How would you know the difference?

That's where results come into play. Attorney Walker makes it easy for you by providing a list of favorable and unfavorable notable cases where he was lead attorney in numerous jury trials, non-jury trials, hearings, appeals and other legal proceedings. Feel free to read the details of the decisions and the associated news articles and videos from actual newspapers and news stations.

Please note: these outcomes are not offered to promise, guarantee or imply that your case will turn out the same. Indeed, the success on previous matters cannot dictate or determine the outcome of your case. Attorney Walker merely provides this list of real, notable cases to show you the wide range of experience and case types he has handled over the course of his career.

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