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More Arrests follow the Luke Bryan Concert in #Pittsburgh


In 2013, Pittsburgh Police arrested 73 people following the Kenney Chesney Concert at Heinz Field. The arrests in 2013 ranged from underage drinking, public intoxication, DUI, Disorderly Conduct, Public Urination, simple assault and many more criminal offenses. Additionally, many concert attendees, some of whom were visiting Pittsburgh just for the concert, trashed the Heinz Field parking lot areas leaving a tons of cans, bottles and trash for officials to pick up and clean the next day. Following the Kenny Chesney Concert, Pittsburgh Officials promised a greater police presence during the 2014 Luke Bryan Concert to prevent the number of arrests, citations and decrease the amount of litter and trash left behind.

This year, officials wanted to prepare for the 50,000 fans at the Luke Bryan by service announcements encouraging good behavior and handing out garbage bags to the many tailgaters prior to the concert. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh Police issued 37 nontraffic citations: 6 for disorderly conduct, 20 for ticket scalping, 10 for public urination and one for public urination. In addition seven arrests were made for outstanding bench warrants, public intoxication, defiant trespass and disorderly conduct.

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