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How to go to jail for a Non-Traffic Offense


Yes, you read the title correctly: How to go to jail for a Non-Traffic Offense. Seems odd that a Criminal Defense Attorney will tell you how to go to jail, right? Let me explain.

In Pennsylvania, there are three levels of criminal offenses:

Felony Offenses – Robberies, Rape, Murder, Possession with intent to deliver narcotics, etc.

Misdemeanor OffensesDUI, Simple Assault, Simple Possession of Narcotics, etc.

Summary OffensesUnderage Drinking, Public urination, criminal mischief, Fake ID, summary harassment, retail theft, reckless driving, Disorderly Conduct, Public Intoxication, etc.

In Pennsylvania, summary offenses can also be classified as non-traffic offenses and subject to maximum fines and costs. Additionally, summary offenses can appear on your driving and criminal record.

Although Non-Traffic Offenses are the lowest in hierarchy of the criminal offenses in Pennsylvania, most recipients of Non-Traffic citations tend to ignore the citations thinking they are the functional equivalent of traffic tickets that will only constitute jail time if issued multiple non-traffic citations that remain unpaid over a period of time.

Non-Traffic Offenses are Serious – Ignore them at your Peril.

You have a limited time to respond to non-traffic citations. In most instances, you must return your plea to the Court within ten days. Your plea can be guilty or not-guilty. If you mail in a guilty plea to the court for your non-traffic citation, you will immediately be adjudicated guilty and the Court will impose the penalty either by mail or by scheduling a sentencing hearing.

In the alternative, you can enter a plea of not-guilty, send the court a nominal deposit as collateral and ask to schedule a hearing. At the hearing, you or your attorney are able to cross examine the witnesses against you, inspect any evidence, call any witnesses, make any written notes and make argument against the charges.

If you do nothing and simple ignore the citation thinking it will simply "go away" you will be unpleasantly surprised when sheriffs show up at your home or job because a bench warrant is issued for your arrest. You must respond to non-traffic citations within the time allowed or a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest and you may find yourself sitting in jail awaiting a bond hearing.

A skilled Criminal Defense Attorney can fight for a Dismissal of the Non-Traffic Citation

Once you receive your non-traffic citation, you should immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to review the citation and make recommendations for your defense. If you contact an attorney immediately, the attorney can enter the not-guilty plea, save your collateral, schedule a hearing on your behalf and immediately begin negotiating your defense.

Contact Attorney Frank Walker for aggressive defense of your Non Traffic citations or, if you have a bench warrant for your arrest due to your lack of response to the non-traffic citations.

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