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The High Stakes of Resisting Arrest in Pittsburgh: A Costly and Dangerous Choice


Pittsburgh Resisting Arrest Attorney

It is the responsibility of law enforcement officers in the city of Pittsburgh, like it is in every other urban region across the country, to ensure the public's safety while also upholding the law. It is imperative that a person comprehend the seriousness of the situation and respond in a manner befitting the circumstance when they are approached or detained by the police.

The decision to resist arrest is among the most dangerous that a person can make for himself. In this piece, we will go through the many reasons why resisting arrest is not just a poor choice, but also one that could have a significant impact on your life.

Intensification of Force

To resist arrest almost always results in an increase in the amount of force used. Officers of the law get extensive training that prepares them to use any amount of force required to bring an individual who is resisting arrest under control. What might begin as a normal contact has the potential to escalate into a dangerous conflict in a short amount of time, placing both the individual and the cops in danger. This escalation might lead to catastrophic injuries or even fatalities if things go out of hand.

The criminal charges are as follows

It is a crime in the city of Pittsburgh and throughout the state of Pennsylvania to resist arrest. Those who resist arrest risk facing accusations such as obstructing the administration of justice, assaulting a law enforcement officer, or even attempting to flee from authorities. These are serious charges that carry significant punishments, including possible jail time and fines.

Write down the consequences

A person's life might be profoundly altered in many different ways as a result of their criminal history. It is possible for it to have an effect on career opportunities, applications for housing, and eligibility for certain licenses or certifications. If you are found guilty of resisting arrest, you will have a criminal record that will make it difficult for you to advance in life.

The General Public's Opinion

Instances in which people fight against being arrested almost always grab the attention of the media. These kinds of circumstances might subject an individual to the scrutiny of the public and do damage to their reputation. In this day and age of fast news coverage and social media, situations like this have the potential to go viral, which can have far-reaching repercussions for an individual's personal and professional life.

Sentences That Are More Strict

If an individual resists arrest and is subsequently convicted of other offenses, the court may impose harsher punishments owing to the resistance. This is because resisting arrest is considered a more serious offense. This indicates that struggling against arrest might make the legal repercussions for any underlying offenses even more severe.

Other Methods of Dealing with Opposition

There are more effective ways to deal with the situation if you believe that you have been wrongfully arrested or treated unfairly by members of law enforcement. Follow the directions given by the authorities, keep a record of the interaction, and consult an attorney after the incident has taken place. To question the activities of law enforcement, resisting arrest is not the acceptable course of action.

Ensuring everyone's safety

It is essential to keep in mind that the primary responsibility of law enforcement officials is to ensure the safety of the general population. Not only can resisting arrest put the individual in risk, but it can also divert the attention of the cops and take them away from their primary duties, which could compromise the safety of the community as a whole.


It is a poor choice and can put your life in danger to resist arrest in Pittsburgh, or anyplace else in the world. It is possible for there to be physical harm, criminal charges, a blemished record, and long-term repercussions as a result. Individuals who believe that their rights are being violated should not escalate a situation but rather comply with the orders of law enforcement and seek legal remedies if they believe that their rights are being abused.

It is essential to have an understanding that the repercussions of resisting arrest are severe and can have far-reaching effects; as a result, it is a decision that should never be made flippantly and should never be taken lightly. When working with law enforcement, it is not only prudent but also absolutely necessary to put safety, cooperation, and respect at the top of one's list of priorities. This will ensure the health and happiness of everyone involved.

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