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New Sites Launched for Criminal Defense and Personal Injury


Attorney Frank Walker

Criminal Defense and Injury Attorney Frank Walker of Frank Walker Law is pleased to announce the release of the following websites that focus on specific areas and locations of practice. Feel free to review all sites, post, save and share with your networks: - Pittsburgh Criminal Defense focuses on DUI, Drug Crimes, Traffic Tickets, Sex Offenses and more. - Pittsburgh Auto Accidents spotlights trucking accidents, single car accidents, DUI accidents and more. - Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer takes a look at underage dui offenses, multiple dui cases and first time dui offenders. - Pittsburgh Injury Lawyer focuses on car accidents, slip and falls, wrongful death and more. - Morgantown DUI Lawyer looks at first time DUI offenders, underage dui, multiple dui and dui deferral program. - Washington, Pa DUI Lawyer highlights First & Multiple DUI offenses and focused DUI defense issues specific to Washington, County Pennsylvania. - Greensburg, Pa DUI Lawyer focuses on First Time DUI offenses, Multiple DUI offenders and penalties relevant to Greensburg, Pa DUI Cases. - Washington Pa Criminal Attorney reviews criminal offenses in Washington County, Pennsylvania, including, but not limited to: Sex offenses, theft offenses, DUI Offenses, Drug Offenses, underage drinking and much more. - Pittsburgh College Lawyer highlights criminal offenses specific to Pittsburgh area college students such as: underage drinking, fake id, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, public urination and much more. - Morgantown Criminal Attorney looks at crime in Morgantown West Virginia and reviews commonly charged crimes such as DUI, underage drinking, sex offenses, property offenses, underage DUI, traffic offenses and much more. - Pittsburgh Bench Warrant Lawyer reviews the reasons for bench warrants, how to avoid bench warrants and why you need an experienced bench warrant lawyer to negotiate a bench warrant. - Pittsburgh ARD Lawyer focuses on the ARD program in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania for first time DUI offenders and other non-violent first time offenders. - WV Accident Lawyers has a wealth of information regarding personal injury cases across the state of West Virginia. - PA Accident Lawyers has tons of relevant information relevant to clients who have suffered serious injuries due to the negligence of others.

Attorney Frank Walker of Frank Walker Law is a National Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer and Personal Injury Attorney with offices in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Morgantown West Virginia. Attorney Walker is also a member of the National College for DUI Defense and qualified as a Pennsylvania Death Penalty Defense Attorney.

If you or someone you love are facing criminal charges or seriously injured in an accident in WV or PA, contact Attorney Frank Walker immediately at 412-532-6805, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for aggressive and experienced Criminal Defense or Representation in a Civil Case.