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Preventing a DUI Charge


Often I have clients enter my office after they have been charged with a DUI and they are often confused as to why they even got behind the wheel of a car after drinking alcohol. Most excuses sound logical , "I wasn't that drunk", "I only had two drinks", "My husband was drunker than I so I had to drive", and "I only had to go a short distance to my house and was almost home before they pulled me over".

Let me be clear: There are no excuses for Drunk Driving. However, I have been around long enough to know that clients who are charged with DUI are not bad people, they have simply exercised poor judgment by convincing themselves that they were ok to drive, when their blood alcohol level said otherwise.

Can you prevent a DUI? Absolutely. Here are the top 5 ways to prevent a DUI Charge:

1. Have the number to a Taxi saved in your cell-phone before leaving your home;

2. Designate a sober driver prior to leaving your home to drink;

3. Leave your keys with a designated driver before you begin to drink;

4. Record a message to yourself prior to drinking promising yourself not to drink and drive and ask your designated driver to play it to you should you persist in driving;

5. Enjoy yourself responsibly: Don't overdo it!

Follow these 5 rules and you will certaintly decrease your chances of picking up a DUI charge while in Pittsburgh.

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