Have you or someone you know been charged with a Domestic Violence Crime in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

Domestic Violence is a serious crime. Just the accusation of domestic violence alone has devastating consequences in and out of the courtroom. The stigma of a mere accusation of a domestic violence charge, even if ultimately withdrawn or found not-guilty through trial, the charge on your record will undoubtedly raise questions by future employers or educational institutions when conducting a background check, until you have the charge expunged from your record.

You need an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer who has the compassion and empathy necessary to aggressively fight for you and to help you through this difficult time. Pittsburgh Criminal Defense attorney Frank Walkerhas the experience you need for all domestic violence and domestic abuse cases in the Pittsburgh and surrounding area.

Domestic violence often exists in spousal relationships, dating relationships, among cohabiters (people living together), divorced or separated couples, between family members, or among children. Common domestic violence crimes include:

Common Misconceptions about Domestic Violence Charges in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Contrary to Popular opinion, the accuser cannot simply "make the charge go away." Once an accusation is made, the law enforcement agency and the prosecutor working on your case are in complete control. It is not uncommon in domestic violence cases for the accuser to "take back" what they previously said and/or to insist that the prosecutor should not proceed with the charges. Even if the accuser claims to have lied to the police, it is within the sole discretion of the prosecutor to decide whether the charges are justified and whether there is sufficient evidence to pursue the case. What is more, if the original accuser admits to lying to the police, the "accuser" can be subjected to criminal charges for filing a false police report.

Why you should Hire Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer Frank Walker to defend you against Domestic Violence Charges.

Attorney Walker has handled and favorably resolved numerous domestic violence charges in Allegheny County. Attorney Walker is familiar with the court Process, the alternative resolution programs and will give you real talk concerning the possible outcomes for your domestic violence charges.

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