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If your son or daughter has been caught and charged with underage drinking you need a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney who understands the importance of this on your child's record and will fight aggressively to minimize penalties and consequences as much as possible. In order to be charged with a DUI an adult must have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or higher. Zero tolerance laws, as we have in Pittsburgh, mean that if your child had a BAC of 0.01, he or she will be convicted of underage drinking. The possible consequences are jail time, suspended driver's license and fines sometimes into the thousands of dollars. In addition, the court can order probation, community service contribution, attendance in alcohol consumption education programs and counseling.

This is a criminal charge and will remain on their record unless you take action now. In addition to the court-imposed penalties, a criminal record will affect future employment and college entrance opportunities and will raise the insurance rates for your child. We cannot always promise the result that you want, but you can trust that we will be able to get the most optimum result possible.

Underage DUI Attorney in Pittsburgh: An Advocate for Minors in DUI

Attorney Frank Walker has helped many students to successfully apply for ARD programs and after successfully completing the program ensuring expungement of the crime. Our firm recognizes the negative effects that an underage drinking conviction can have on your child's future. Life can be difficult enough for our youth. We can provide the legal help that they need at an important point such as this. We will work creatively and aggressively to keep this from barring them from future opportunities. Our experience and proven negotiating skills have helped to get reduced charges for our clients. Our attention to detail has enabled us to get cases completely dismissed.

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