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When a traffic ticket is issued to a driver for a traffic offense, it is often overlooked as unimportant. Unfortunately, not handling a traffic ticket properly, or allowing it to have a negative effect on your driving record can cause serious negative ramifications. Many people do not realize that after you pay a traffic ticket, it can still add an additional point to your driver's license. Even if you have only received two or three traffic tickets, you may still lose your license due to cumulative points on your record. The only way to protect yourself from gaining additional points on your license is to hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney that can help you discover your best course of action. Fortunately, a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney can help those that are facing traffic violations by defending their rights and helping them to avoid potential consequences.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA

Those facing a traffic ticket violation will not only be made to face additional points on their driver's license, they will also have their insurance rates increased. In some cases, the increase in the driver's premium can be dramatic. Even one traffic violation can cost you thousands of dollars in raised insurance rates.

Our firm has over seven years of experience defending all types of traffic offenses. Having an experienced attorney at your side can greatly improve your chances of overcoming penalties such as: loss of your license, fines, increased insurance rates and lost time in court. If you are facing any of the following types of traffic offenses, speak with an attorney from our firm at your earliest convenience: expired/unlawful tags, driving without inspection, leaving the scene of an accident, driving without insurance, failure to surrender driver's license, driving without insurance, reckless driving, speeding tickets, driving with a suspended license or driving with a revoked license.

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