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If you or a family member has been charged with a casino crime in a Pittsburgh casino, you must seek professional legal counsel immediately. Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Frank Walker has the proven record and successful case results that will give you confidence in resolving your case in the most ideal way possible. Being charged with a crime is a serious matter and it is not wise to ignore it or treat it lightly. Casino crimes should be handled without delay. You will want a committed legal team fighting for you in the criminal justice system. You do not want to attempt to handle this yourself.

There are a number of crimes included as casino crimes. If you write a bad check you will be charged with a crime. It is not uncommon for casino patrons to find that a bounced check they wrote has now resulted in an arrest warrant for them. If you fail to pay a casino marker, the casino can come after you with criminal charges. When patrons of the casino get upset and make a scene, the casino will have them charged and arrested for disorderly conduct. Theft crimes are commonly charged against casino patrons.

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Our firm has the reputation for getting results. There is nothing more important in a criminal defense attorney. We will show you the cases we have won and the cases we have lost. You can then make an informed decision. The penalties for casino crimes convictions include incarceration, fines, lengthy and expensive probationary periods, court costs and fees. The most damaging result possible is a felony criminal record. Our goal is to reduce the charges against you or get them dismissed entirely. We will fight aggressively to this end. Our superior negotiating skills will be invaluable in obtaining a solution that works for you.

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