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In Pennsylvania, Prosecutors can seek the Death Penalty in certain Murder Cases. Death Penalty cases are emotionally taxing and extremely complex with the ultimate penalty being the possibility of Death by lethal injection.

Only a certain amount of Attorneys are qualified, trained and experienced to accept Death Penalty Cases in Pennsylvania. In fact, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board sets forth certain qualifications an Attorney must have prior to accepting any case where the Government is seeking the Death Penalty.

Pursuant to Rule 801 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure, a lawyer must complete certain hours of relevant continuing education training to be considered as Death Penalty Counsel. Indeed, simply because an attorney has completed the training does not mean the Attorney is qualified to handle the Death Penalty case for your loved one. You need a combination of relevant training, real life trial experience and actual experience handling murder cases.

Attorney Frank Walker Law has the Relevant Trial Experience and Training you Need

Attorney Frank Walker has handled numerous Homicide Cases, including Murder and Manslaughter. Attorney maintains the qualified certification from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and has relevant case results from his countless Murder Cases.

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As you know, Death is Different. When a person is facing the Death Penalty, the clock is literally ticking towards the 'machinery of death'. Until the death penalty is abolished, Attorney Walker has vowed to fight vigorously to protect the presumption of innocence for clients facing the ultimate price.

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