Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer for Your Preliminary Hearing

A preliminary hearing is held following arraignment. At the preliminary hearing, the judge is presented with physical evidence and witnesses in order to demonstrate that the government has a valid case to bring to trial. Guilt or innocence is not determined at the preliminary hearing, just whether or not the case should go to trial. The defense attorney can cross-examine the government's witnesses and challenge evidence. His goal is to convince the judge that the case against his client is weak and or non-existent and that the case should be dismissed. A skilled and aggressive Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer will be needed to fight for you in your preliminary hearing.

Criminal Attorney for Preliminary Hearings in Pittsburgh

Depending upon the individual circumstances of your case, a preliminary hearing is one of the most advantageous opportunities your attorney has to produce the results you are looking for. When the prosecution has a weak case, or if your rights were violated in any way by law enforcement during investigation or arrest procedures, your attorney will fight to protect your rights. This can sometimes mean a dismissal.

We understand how overwhelmed you may be feeling at this time. Your inclination might be to "wait and see" what happens at the preliminary hearing before hiring a criminal defense attorney. We urge you to contact us and let us show you how we can help. Do not wait to find out if you will need a lawyer. Being charged with a crime and facing the serious possibility of being convicted, which means jail or prison time, is hard to face. It is much easier to face with a seasoned attorney, intimately familiar with the law and court procedures.

If you have been charged with a crime and do not yet have legal counsel that you trust, contact a Pittsburgh criminal attorney at our firm before your preliminary hearing.

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