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Federal Crimes vs. State Crimes: What's the difference?

Federal laws and the procedures in federal court are different than state laws; and, the individual state laws and procedures vary from state to state. Federal courts decide certain kinds of cases as described in our United States Constitution or, sometimes, as outlined by Congress. In terms of criminal law, when a federal crime has been committed it will be tried in federal court. An example of this would be kidnapping. Other examples of federal crimes would be racketeering crimes, bank fraud or embezzlement, tax fraud, mail fraud, bank robbery, extortion and espionage. If you are being investigated for or have been charged with a federal crime you need a Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer who is skilled and knowledgeable in federal law and federal court procedure. Not all attorneys are.

Pittsburgh Federal Crime Attorney : An Aggressive Defender

Federal crimes are generally considered to be more serious than most state crimes. The penalties are also often far greater, including fines. In any case, remember that you have a right to request an attorney before you answer any questions by federal investigators or agents. If you are being charged with a crime or investigated for a crime, you must understand the scope of what you are up against: the resources and intensity of the United States government. This is not something you want to face alone or with inexperienced legal representation.

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