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Conspiracy Charges: What it Means

Conspiracy is a very serious crime that involves at least two people who have agreed and assisted one, both or another person to engage in an illegal activity at some point. For example, two people plotting to commit a crime against a casino constitutes conspiracy if the intention is to defraud the casino. The crime may never actually be committed, but if some act towards the end goal of the crime is committed, the crime of conspiracy has been committed. In the casino crimes example if a system of counting cards is worked out and practiced, the crime has been committed at that point. There are many complex legal factors involved in a conspiracy case and you will need a Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer if you or someone you know has been charged with this crime.

If convicted, the penalties will be the same for the underlying charge. If the charge is conspiracy to commit murder, you will receive comparable penalties to those who have actually committed murder.

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Fighting conspiracy charges takes tremendous skill and the ability to aggressively negotiate. You will want an accomplished trial attorney should the matter go to trial. Our firm has the experience you are looking for. We get results-the most important quality you need in a criminal defense lawyer. We are available to you 24/7, as we understand what you are facing and the help that you need. You have rights and when you enter the criminal justice system, you need a friend and an advocate who will fight aggressively for you. I have the proven record of successful results that you want in your defense attorney.

For a hard-hitting defense of the conspiracy charges against you, contact a Pittsburgh conspiracy attorney at our firm. We can help.

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