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Drug Crimes Charges and Your Future

Some drugs are illegal under both state and federal laws. It is necessary if you are being charged with drug crimes to have a Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer who is knowledgeable with both state and federal law and has experience defending both state and federal crimes. Attorney Frank Walker is an excellent choice. Our legal team gets results. No matter what is said about any law firm, they either get results and can show them to you or they don't, and they can't. You can see in looking through our website that we have a reputation of fighting hard for our clients and we are known for getting results. That is who you want on your side when you are in the criminal justice system.

Defense for Possession, Cultivation, Manufacturing & Trafficking

Drug crimes can include possession, sales, manufacturing, cultivation, trafficking and distribution. There are many factors that a District Attorney will look at in deciding upon the severity of a charge. Drug crimes can range from misdemeanor to felony depending upon the amount of the drug involved, the accused person's prior criminal record, the type of drug(s) involved and other factors. Accordingly, the penalties can also have a broad range from jail time to lengthy prison sentences as well as fines and other penalties assigned by the judge.

The skills you need and want in your attorney are 1) can get results, 2) is skilled at negotiation and plea-bargaining, 3) is experienced and accomplished at trial. Our firm clearly provides evidence of all three with the cases we have successfully handled in the past. Our commitment is to our clients and bringing them the most ideal outcome possible for their criminal case.

Contact a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney at our firm immediately if you are facing drug crimes charges.

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